Congrats to Kristen Richardson!

So I just wanted to say the first nature photo contest is over and congrats to Kristen Richardson for winning a free shoot. I have not decided on my next theme but it will be announced soon! So stay updated for the new contest so maybe you can win a free shoot!

Themes for Summer Shoots

Please let me know if you might be interested in participating in one of these shoots! Ask for special pricing options!
  • Hobbies (tell me your hobby, is it out there or odd. the crazier the better!)
  • 100 portrait project
  • Country vs. City Life (playing on stereotypes)
  • July 4th (classic vintage feel, American flag, sparklers, lake, beach)
  • Go Bare (for those of you with dirty minds, this is a closeup portrait of a girl. It's a series of portraits to show true beauty, no makeup necessary. who's confident enough?)
  • the 60s & 70s


So I have decided to start using Social Media to my advantage and blog more often. I will run this site along with my website and facebook fan page to keep everyone updated on promotions and special giveaways! Also I will post previews from recent shoots. Summer is coming so look for awesome new shoots and be sure to keep updated on my new contest series as well as other promotions!

Thanks to all of my fans and supporters!
Caitlin Moore Photography

Photo Contest!

I will be hosting a competition for the beginning of the summer to promote advertising and new pricing specials. To enter the contest simply go to my fanpage, like it (if not already a fan) and then email me your photo to for my amateur photography contest and I will post to the contest folder so people can start voting.

This contest is for everyone, those already interested in photography and those who just like beautiful photos. I will be hosting a series of contests throughout the summer with different themes of photography. The first contest will be nature.

The winner of this contest will be determined by the number of likes your photo gets from other members and the prize will be a free photo session from Caitlin Moore Photography. So hurry and start posting and remember to tell your friends to vote for your photo and stay updated for information on the next contest!